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Welcome to Where We Belong the fanlisting for the relationship between Susan George and Simon MacCorkindale. This fanlisting is approved by

About Susan George and Simon MacCorkindale

Simon and Susan first met at a charity concert in the Grosvenor House in London in 1977 and over the next few years became good friends.

After Susan split with her boyfriend, Simon decided to take her to dinner and their relationship grew further from there

On 5th October 1984 Simon and Susan stole away and married in a private ceremony in Fiji. At a wedding shower on their return Simon and Susan announced they were already married.

On 22nd December 1984 they had a blessing ceremony for family and friends in England

Simon and Susan both say they have married their best friend

Simon and Susan have continued to support each other in personal and work endeavours. They together own a production company 'Amy International' and an arabian stud farm 'Georgian Arabians'. They have also worked together on productions in various roles, a joint filmography can be found here

Most recently Susan has supported Simon in his battle with cancer, and Simon has been helping Susan with her autobiography which is due out in 2010

Simon MacCorkindale passed away 14th October 2010 in Susan's arms at a clinic in London. We are all deeply saddened, and are thinking of Susan and Simon's family and friends at this time. If you wish to discuss this, or to leave a comment you can here

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